Anyone having problems with Tumblr messages and other features?

There seem to be sporadic problems on Tumblr. Private messages going only one way, archives disappearing, “This feature is not available yet” error messages shown in features like Submit, help not working. Similar experiences, anyone?

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  4. rendezvous12 answered: The private message has been one-way for me for awhile!
  5. booketta answered: I haven’t noticed.
  6. tomesandtalismans answered: Ghosts in the machines.
  7. ceylonblue said: I haven’t been able to reply for months. The only way around it is to reply in the ask me.
  8. auraconte said: … was no message.
  9. auraconte answered: You are not alone, I sent to you a private message, the “sent” showed up and few minutes later I got a notification but when I checked there
  10. ashtormie answered: Yup, private messages are getting wonky. Had to send the same messages 3+ times to someone before they finally got it. Quite irritating.
  11. sirnerd answered: yup
  12. jcchasezsdolphin answered: I can’t use ask boxes or submit.
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